All surgery carries some uncertainty and risk but liposuction is normally safe when patients are carefully selected, the operating facility is properly equipped, and the physician has completed appropriate hands-on training program. 

      Liposuction carried out with the Airbrush™ Liposculptor is somewhat safer and more gentle than conventional or earlier modes of power assisted liposuction with more primitive, single cannula devices because the patient is not subjected to the battering ram effect of the thrusting inner cannula with every stroke.  Freed from the mechanical drudgery of the procedure the surgeon can concentrate on smoother sculpting for a more aesthetic result with faster recovery.

      Since the cannula never gets warm there is no chance of incurring burns as with ultrasound assisted liposuction.  Just as a man sustains fewer cuts with an electric razor than an exposed blade, there is less chance of skin injury with a protective twin cannula system.  

      Collections of fluid (seromas) or blood are much less likely than with ultrasound assistance and if enabled, bipolar cautery can allow blood loss to even be further minimized.  Hence the incidence of complications such as irregularities, uneven pigmentation, and asymmetry can be reduced.

      Lessened trauma and reduced bleeding translates into less pain and bruising and speedier recovery. 






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