Traditionally liposuction or lipoplasty only addressed localized excess amounts or deposits of fat or “problem areas” such as the “coeur de cheval” or saddle bag (riding breeches) deformity or “love handles”.  Candidates for  the procedure were not obese and typically were under 45 or 50 years of age so that their skin would be more prone to shrink once the fat was removed.

     However, improved technology has changed liposuction from an operation of inches to an operation of pounds.   Twin Cannula Assisted Liposuction or TCAL with the Airbrush Liposculptor® by BioSculpture Technology, Inc has enlarged the population of potential patients to overweight, frankly obese, and older patients with greater skin laxity.  Since the instrument’s cannulas never get warm, unlike the LASER or ultrasound methods, there is no risk of skin burns and a much lessened chance of seromas (fluid connections) in attempting to maximize skin contraction.  This more gentle harvesting also allows better viability in fat harvesting for autografts for the face, breast or buttock.  10 to 13 pounds may safely be removed in out patient sessions, which may be performed under local if the patient prefers.   Since there is less blood loss and shorter recovery, these sessions may be repeated at short intervals as appropriate.  Reduction of the waist to hips ratio in these patients has been shown to have health benefits as well as the obvious cosmetic improvement.  Each approach is personalized.

Larger  Volume Liposuction

The Airbrush® Liposculptor changes liposuction from an operation of inches into an operation of pounds.

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